Greg Temesvari

Hi, I'm Greg Temesvari. I am a FAA Certified Flight Instructor based at Van Nuys Airport. I operate as an independent Van Nuys flight school / flight instructor. I provide all levels of pilot training including private pilot, instrument, commercial and multi-engine ratings. I work as an independent contractor and have access to many single and multi-engine aircraft at several Van Nuys flight schools. I have thousands of hours of instruction time with an impeccable safety record. I'm able to work with your schedule whether you are a casual flyer or career commercial pilot looking for accelerated training. I graduated from one of the largest and most reputable flight schools in America. I was formally trained in their CFI program and can provide the same level of training at a much lower cost. If you are looking for a flight school in Van Nuys please call or email. I'm always available to discuss your personal goals.

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Greg Temesvari is a Certified Flight Instructor at Van Nuys Airport.  He has Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), Instrument Instructor (CFI-I), and Multi-Engine Flight Instructor (MEI) ratings.  Greg has instructed for thousands of hours to pilots of all levels from Private Pilot through Airline Transport Pilot with over a 90% first time pass rate for FAA practical examinations.  In addition, his company offers management and maintenance services for a variety of aircraft.  For information on the BEST Van Nuy flight school or California flight school call Greg Temesvari today.  Van Nuys pilot training at its best! 

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Aviation, surfing, outdoors.